Paulo Barroso & Vick Strizheus in Hawaii June 2013


That’s it guys, if a little Portuguese immigrant like me, that arrived in the UK with no English, college education or special skills can have success online.

Imagine what YOU can achieve?

I have managed so far to earn over $271,700 in 8 months since joining Big Idea Mastermind and give up my full-time job in the process back in April 2013.

You can do it too – only if you chose to believe in the possibilities…

Well I am here to “challenge” you… to challenge the system…

I am here to say that IT’S POSSIBLE that anyone CAN DO it..!

I hope you see my story as an inspiration and you will also jump “over the fence” and start LIVING your life like it was meant to be…

★ No Alarm Clock telling you when to wake up.

★ No BOSS telling you what to do and when to it.

★ Create your own pay check.

★ Be totally in charge of your own life.


Income Disclosure►These are unique results, and results do vary.   Please see our average income earnings at:


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