I would like to introduce you to my good friend and Big Idea Mastermind Diamond member BJ.

He joined my BIM team back in MARCH 2013, and the thing that stroked me the most about him was that this guy was HUNGRY..!

Hungry for SUCESS…he wanted it MORE than anything else…It was like oxygen to him. I have met him now in person about 4 times at different events…and I still see it in his eyes. The DRIVE to succeed no matter what.

BJ wanted it so bad that there was NO ROOM for failure in his ‘quest’ to succeed in his business.

Below is a copy of the email he sent me late last night and I just had to share it with you all:


I never got to ever say thank you to personally.  And I just wanted to take this moment to say thank you to you.

You have helped me a lot especially when I got started in this business…showing me about warrior forum banner ad…I used that everyday even when I didn’t make money I believed in the power of lifetime value of customers in the LONG RUN…warrior forum was my 20% that produced 80% of my traffic at the time…and it has brought me the MOMENTUM that I needed…and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you man for letting me know about that bro…if it wasn’t that, I don’t know where I would get my big traffic at the time.

So anyhow, just wanted to say thank you for being my sponsor and answering all my questions when I asked you.

One more update…

Today is my 5th month into EN/BIM…and this is FINALLY the FIRST MONTH in EN and IN MY LIFE that I made over $10,000 in 1 month in the INTERNET MARKETING niche alone…to be exact, it’s over $13,000 this month of August alone.

I did make six figures a year income BEFORE but NEVER from the Internet marketing niche (that was my biggest frustration and limiting belief thinking i couldn’t succeed in my passion – the IM niche)…because i had to settle for niches that were random and not aligned to my passions/values so that was my frustration…i really didn’t like what i did online before because most of my niches were niches i had no interest in and to be honest, didn’t really believe in…my IM list before BIM was small and very minimally communicated and for whatever reason, I couldn’t really “make it” in the IM niche for the 6+ years I tried in the past…and I struggled to make it in the IM niche for so long…until I joined BIM…until this MONTH FINALLY achieving my personal milestone of $13,000 from this month of august alone…this really is unreal to me man and really a prayer answered I believe that is just starting to happen NOW (because my dream was to make money in the niche I was passionate about and loved from my heart)…
it’s because of BIM…and it’s also because of a combination of BIM, Vick, You, and so many others in this community who I have learned from all together…
This is just the beginning for me man and for you as well…and I just cannot believe this is happening to me…so just wanted to make sure to say thank you to you after achieving a personal milestone of making over $10K a month from the IM niche FINALLY!I know we haven’t always talked much in the past but I know we will more and more in the future…and I look forward to seeing you again and getting to know you even better in the future to learn and grow in our future as well.Take care!


He is the PERFECT example of WHY some people succeed in LIFE and in their BUSINESS and others FAIL!

I remember that in the beginning of his business while he was learning the ropes, there was a bit of a struggle with getting his business off the ground as it was a learning curve for him, but not even ONCE did I hear him moan about it…Nothing – Zilch – Nada

This guy has what it takes to SUCCEED in life and in business.

He just carried on no matter what – none of that BS like: ” This program doesn’t work or my sponsor doesn’t help me”

Nothing like that at all – he just remained FOCUS and he simply didn’t GIVE up…

Forward it to August 2013 – Look what’s happened with his business… he is becoming an Internet sensation in our circles.

His name is on the Empower Network’s leader board and he is even ahead of some “seasonal marketers”.

He has also started to be noticed as an upcoming leader. WATCH THIS SPACE as this guy will be speaking on stage in front of THOUSANDS very very soon.

When I was In Denver Colorado back in July 2013, I gave BJ my “Bad Ass Speakers Band” a limited edition wrist band from EMPOWER NETWORK, given to people who speak on stage during the events.

BJ deserved that band MORE than anyone else, so I gave it to him because I BELIEVE in him.

His income as grown too (over $13k a month) and continues to grow every month.

I just want the world to know how PROUD I am to be associated with this gentleman and fellow business partner.

He truly understands the “LAWS OF SUCCESS” that we have all learned from Vick Strizheus (our mentor) inside the members area of Big Idea Mastermind.

We have an incredible product inside our members area (back office) called the “30 Days To $10k Program” which teaches you everyday on video (with step by step actions) how to achieve MAXIMUM success with Big Idea Mastermind.

This is the very same program that changed my LIFE completely 12 months ago.

He is the prime example of someone who learns and then goes on to APPLY what he learned and NEVER ever ever GIVES UP!

This is inspirational and i just had to blog about this guy.

Congrats BJ you are an inspiration to me and I hope this story will go on to inspire some of you to take massive ACTION and do what BJ did in order to succeed which was FocusCommitmentHard work and daily Mindset training.

If you work harder on yourself than you work on your business then your income will just follow you and you will achieve true financial freedom.

Remember that in life you don’t get what you want – but you get what you ARE..!

If you would like to connect with BJ on Facebook – you will be able to connect with him HERE.


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