I get asked this question a lot…

Is Empower Network a pyramid scheme or a even worse… a scam?

Does Empower Network even have a physical office? Or is it a big online ponzy scheme?

I have to say that I smile each time I get asked such ridiculous questions as I personally know the owners of Empower Network (David Sharpe & David Wood) and I have personally visited the Empower Network head office in St. Petersburg – Florida in the USA

Here’s the address – go and check:

Empower Network, LLC
146 Second Street North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33701

I recently visited their Head Office in Florida and was give a private tour by the Empower Network president and co-founder Mr. David Sharpe.

Please watch the video bellow of me and David Sharpe, during my visit to Empower Network’s Head Office.

Empower Network is the only business I focus and work on full time.

Only 7 months ago I was stuck in a dead end job doing something I completed hated for a paltry salary that didn’t even get me through the month.

I remember the days I used to get paid in the beginning each month and be broke two weeks later … This wan’t even a long time ago! I was broke and I couldn’t take a break and fulfil my life long dream of travelling around the world and enjoy life and freedom and do what I truly wanted for a change and fulfil my dreams.

Ever since joining Empower Network I have become financially free, my average earnings are $52k a month right now, and I travel anywhere I like, whenever I like and without asking anyone’s permission for that matter.

As I am writing this post – believe it or not I am on a 1st class Eurostar train to Paris – France for a days trip, Christmas shopping.

I am blogging away from my laptop, and this is the only tool I really need to make money online. This is the beauty of the Internet… I can work and live from anywhere in the world… for as long as I have an Internet connection.


I can take off anytime I want, because I have no longer a boss to be dictated to… I now create my own economy when I decided to work for myself and become an online entrepreneur.

I have also spent the last two months travelling around the USA and staying at the best hotels. Not saying it to brag, but to impress upon you the possibilities that being part of Empower Network and working for yourself can offer you.

I am just a normal guy and I hope you take my story as a an inspiration to you, and I hope you will ask the following: if this guy can do it… why can’t I?

I really wish to impress upon you the fact that I struggled all my life with my finances and for the longest time I have been broke and unable to enjoy life to the full, unable to travel and spend time with my family which is one of my biggest why’s I do what I do for a living right now.

I hope this blog post will give you enough “fuel” for you to start thinking hard how to change your present circumstances and start thinking about a change in direction? Because if you carry on doing whatever you are doing everyday right now – let me tell you this… nothing will change in your life.

I was exactly the same when I was broke and unhappy with my life… I kept doing the same things everyday but yet expecting a different result? Isn’t that called lunacy? doing the same thing everyday yet expecting a different result? yet that was me…

I had the ‘win the lottery’ mentality…one day I will make it… one day my day will come…one day I will be lucky and live the life of my dreams… Yet I wasn’t ready for change in direction… I preferred to sit down in the evenings after work and just watch TV and burn my time “relaxing” and not doing much at all.

I experience the law of inertia first hand for many many years…I become complacent with life. I gave up on my dream and conformed with society’s way of living.

Work hard – pay your taxes and don’t think too much outside the box – don’t become a laughing stock as people (family & friends) are watching you. And then one day (around 70 years old) if you are lucky you might be able to retire on a paltry pension scheme… and to tell you the truth who knows if there will be any pension scheme at all by the time you retire?

There might not even be any money left in the pot by the time you retire… have you considered that yet?

Why rely on a government to dictate your own future, and those of your loved ones? Why not take matters in your own hands and YOU decide your own future and make your own economy? Impossible you may say?

Don’t you find it strange that most people tip-toe through life, hoping they’ll make it safely to death?

You can change your LIFE

Well I have done it and so can YOU!..

You’ve got to believe in yourself and say “I will not give up until I WIN”

My story was that I had reached rock bottom and made a decision that enough was enough and I was going to take matters in my own hands.

Do you really want to know what made me want to change my circumstances?

I had a horrible vision – more like a nightmare if I am being honest.

This is an absolute true story by the way…

My nightmare…

One day I saw myself in a dream as an old man on my death bed.

Besides me were the people I loved the most. I remember looking at their faces full of sorrow for me. I saw my children’s faces and I didn’t see a vision of joy, a vision of fulfilment and happiness … I just saw sorrow and regret.

The pain of that vision became unbearable after I realised this was the end for me and that I was leaving behind a life full of regrets, unfulfilled dreams and full of what ifs…?

I remember clearly thinking “I am going to die and never had the opportunity to travel around the world and meet new people and make new friendships”.

I remember the pain of knowing that I will never ever have the opportunity to visit far away countries that I dreamed off visiting like Hawaii (my favourite place in the world) and even America.

I saw my life back to front like a silent black and white movie and I wasn’t impressed.

When I woke up from that nightmare I knew I had to do something about it…

I didn’t want to be that old man laying there on his death bed surrounded by sorrow and a life full of regrets.

That hit me hard and I felt like I was given a second chance in life, to really change direction and my future predicament.

And so I did… I started to look for a purpose in life. I wanted to be truly free and happy with what I was doing. I was looking for freedom.

I knew in order to fulfil my dreams and be financially free I had to do something completely different and the opposite of what I was currently doing. I wanted Time & Freedom to spend with my loved ones and I had none of the two…

So I started to search online for another way. Not a conventional way to start a business or working as a slave for someone else and building someone else’s dream, like the way I did most of my life. I wanted to build mine instead…

I wanted to work online, be an entrepreneur and work from home or from wherever I liked.

So I started to look for a mentor who could teach me how to do that…someone who has done it himself…someone who could share and teach me his “blue print” for success.

I looked for a role model [MENTOR]

This was crucial for me and the reason for all the success I am having in my life.

I found that mentor and decided to contact him, and I remember how I begged him on the phone for him to teach me how to get out the situation I was in, and become financially and spiritually FREE!

This guy was earning over $200k a month in his online business and I couldn’t believe my eyes when he accepted me to be his apprentice.

This was in August 2012 and I will never forget the date that we locked arms and I started my life’s journey to become an online entrepreneur and be trained by in my opinion, one of the best Internet Marketers in the world, Mr. Vick Strizheus.

I have to give that man credit when credit is due… he completely changed my life around and I have to give him full credit for all the success I am currently having.

This man is a beast when comes to online marketing and he is currently the number one affiliate earner with Empower Network ($1.6 million in 10 months).

Today I can travel the world and have the freedom to do what my heart’s desire because of the training I received from Vick Strizheus.

He has flown me to Hawaii back in June 2013 for a marketing and mastermind training that completely changed my life and my business.

He installed a believe within me that I didn’t think it was possible. I became unstoppable due to his training and I learned how to reach any goals that I set in record time. He is constantly training and challenging me to achieve all my goals.

Recently he announced the winners of his $10k challenge, a competition he ran in October 2013, in which any members of his team who earned at least $10k during that period, would win a first class air faire & cruise to a hot location and get further training from the man himself.

I am pleased to say that I won the number 1 spot for that competition with total personal earnings of $69,895 USD for the month of October 2013


Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 12.48.38

So why am I telling you all this?

Because if it’s a mentor you are after … then I am more then qualified to become one to you and do exactly what Vick Strizheus has done for me… he gave me freedom to become financially free! And now I want to pay it forward and do the same for others.

So why you don’t you join our big family (that is really what we are – a big family) and come and join our Inner Circle, mastermind and travel the world with us while learning the closed guarded secrets of the ultra-wealthy.

We are not a “business opportunity” but an Internet lifestyle community that educates and elevates us to new heights we didn’t think was possible.

You too can learn how to start a business online with our guidance, and market your business like a pro.

You too could be living the life of your dreams only if your why (your reason) is strong enough and you really want to start living the life of your dreams at your own terms and not bee dictated by someone else.

Let me tell you this… if you don’t build your dream someone will hire YOU to help build theirs.

I would like to invite you now into a different possibility … maybe you too are struggling to find something that will work for you. Maybe you are fed up with searching for a business that will work for you and you and will stop you getting disappointed at the end.

I have been there once too and had my own share of disappointments … looking for a business that would came to my rescue and never delivered.

Well I am pleased to say that my searching is OVER and so is yours if you decide to do your due diligence and just take a few minutes of your time to investigate what I am sharing with you here today, something that I am truly proud of being part of.

I have finally found home!

Click the link bellow if you would like to look into an opportunity, that in my heart could work for you as well has it has worked for me and thousands of others.


Until next time….

Paulo Barroso

Paulo 005








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