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Spent 3 weeks in the USA attending the Empower Network events during the month of October 2013, and what can I say more than I have been empowered once again, attending some amazing masterminds with the Empower leaders, made new friends and broke bread with old ones, we laughed , cried and hanged around like true friends and not just business partners.

Most of my best friends in the world are the people inside Empower Network.

Why are we different?

Empower Network is not just a business opportunity… we are a movement – a way of life! Perhaps the best way to describe it is to say that we are a leaders factory disguised as a business opportunity.

We hook you first with our viral blogging platform for $25 but once you are in and understand our culture, you soon realise that we are NOT in this just for the money. We want to train you to be a leader (if you want to) we want to see you on stage sharing YOUR story, we want to hear how you too once struggled but managed to breakthrough… we want to hear your story.

There are people’s lives that are about to be changed because of YOU… And if you are sitting there saying that you aren’t great, or that you are not a speaker, or that no-one wants to listen to you… well let me tell you something: there is GREATNESS in you.

There are people out there hungry to hear your story, because there are people out there with similar stories to yours, people with the same struggles and adversities as you.


How do I know this? And why should you be listening to me?

Well 12 months ago I was in the same position that you probably are right now… broke, dissatisfied with my life, stuck in a job I hated, desperate for a new life and without a real purpose, wanting more out of life and travel the world. So I know well how it feels to live a normal or mediocre life.

But ever since joining Empower Network in January 2013, my life has changed enormously…I now do what I love doing with my days. And I finally found my purpose in life!

I work from home and spend all the time I want with my two young kids (I used to be a part-time dad). I travel the world including some of the most exotic places on hearth… I speak on stage and inspire people to change their own lives…

Have I ever imagined my life to turnaround this way? No – not in a million years.

I am quite a shy and reserved person and a so called introvert, but I had to get out of my comfort zone and share with others my story on various stages around the world.

          Me on stage at the Empower Network Event In Washington DC – October 2013


Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 12.53.34

And you know what? It is when I get out of my comfort zone that I feel truly alive and inspire others to do the same. We are all infinite beings with tremendous capacity to achieve our wildest dreams.

All the great leaders on this earth… were once small, felt insignificant and insecure…there is something greater within you…so if the world needs changing, why not start with you?

YES – Why not YOU?

In the beginning I confess…It was all about the money. But as you grow within Empower Network, start applying what you learn within the program, and start attending the events, you soon realise that it’s not all about making money…

It’s about empowering people. We are in the business of changing people’s lives, mindset, mentoring people to be the best they can, creating new realities and freeing people from the matrix.

Question is … are you ready to be unplugged? Will you do what Alice did… and check how far does the rabbit hole goes?

So welcome to my new life and I would love to introduce you to my new found friends and family.

My Empower Network Family

Allow me to MENTOR you!

Find out more, how you too can change your life and have the opportunity to work with me, and be mentored by someone who has been exactly in the same place as you probably are right now, someone who is on a “trenches” right now making it happen and not just “talking” about it…. someone who walks the walk.

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