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Project Breakthrough

It’s Time for Your Breakthrough

Most people struggle online because they are overwhelmed with information overload. If you are feeling overwhelmed by too much information on a daily basis, and you don’t know who to turn to, then I have a solution for that problem.

What if, there was a revolutionary new way which you could learn to be successful online in easy step-by-step with over the shoulder videos?

And you could learn how to finally succeed online in as little as in 14 days?

If you haven’t had your breakthrough yet – the only difference between you and someone who is wildly successful – is that they figured out How To Do Certain Things in a Certain Way.

Are YOU hungry for SUCCESS?

Welcome to “Project Breakthrough”

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Project Breakthrough is industry’s most comprehensive, step-by-step training program specifically designed to help you do 3 things:

  1. Earn a commission online
  2. Understand how to do it over again and repeat the process
  3. Scale and leverage your campaign (and your business)

Brought to you 100% FREE (courtesy of High Traffic Academy) and presented by none other than HTA founder, Vick Strizheus himself, the men who changed my whole paradigm 3 years ago allowing me to live a life of wealth and freedom.

Vick started online from scratch with no money and zero experience and built several multi-million dollar businesses online, consistently creates marketing campaigns that generate millions of dollars in sales and is a “go-to” consultant for traffic generation, conversions and strategic marketing funnels.

In this program Vick shows you exactly how to create a real breakthrough and change your business (and your life) in just 14 days flat.

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Learn How a Simple Pay-Per-Click Campaign Made Over $3 Million In Sales.


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You already have everything you need to succeed in life.

Want to know more about what set me FREE?


Paulo’s Daily Quote


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How To Become A Super Affiliate.

After watching this short video, if you are interested in being mentored by me me on how to become a Super-Affiliate yourself in record time, then watch this FREE training on how you can start TODAY!

How to Unplug Yourself from The Matrix?

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Bellow you will find a Podcast Interview where I was invited to be on the “hot seat” by the one and only Justin Verrengia or better known as the ‘Hippie Jedi.’

Justin is a dear friend of mine and he has crossed the million dollar mark in the present company we are both part of.

He’s a huge inspiration in my life and I feel truly humbled to have been asked to be interviewed by one of my idols in Internet Marketing.

Every week Justin interviews the best online marketers an entrepreneurs around the world.

… But I must warn you that this interview might shock you with the information I shared in there – totally uncensored!

Listen to my Podcast Interview Here!

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Full interview here:

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The New Ipas2 System Super Charged!

iPAS2 Review – Internet Prospect Acceleration Marketing System RELOADED!

======= iPAS2 Supercharged PRO Update: April 2015 =======

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Get HTA 2.0 At a Massive 75% Discount! and One-on-One Coaching with Paulo Barroso Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 09.02.36

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